A guide to the various Charting solutions out there aka Plot or Graph classes for REALbasic


• Commercial plugin from MonkeyBreadSoftware
• Great range of 2D and 3D chart types
• Academic License: 99 Euro, Commerial License: 199 Euro

ChartPart v2 by Corey Redlien

• Bar, Pie and Line

• classes by Roger Meier
• Line plots and XY with range of markers
• see User Manual for more details including screenshots
• Free donation-ware


• Available from Great White Software’s download page.
• line, area & scatter plots
• unrestricted personal use license


• Available from Alex Restrepo’s download page.
• A canvas that will draw an x,y line graph of one or multiple "datasets", you can modify almost every aspect of the resulting graph.
• Creative Commons license with donation button

Rik and Harry's GraphPanel

• Line, bar or point graph
• License not specified.


• Pie, Cartesian and Histogram
• Commercial US $75 source included


• 2D/3D Column, Stacked Column, Horizontal Bar, Stacked Bar, Line, ARea, Stacked Area, Pie and XY Scatter
• free under Creative Commons

Aispire PlotCanvas

• open source or commercial
• Pie, cartesian, histogram, scatter