Nokia Maps Loader UI Design Blown Away by Stupid Gotcha

We’re off to New Zealand for three weeks touring the South Island. In my last-minute rush, one thing that occurred¬† might be worth trying is to take a cheap headless GPS receiver to use with the Nokia Maps application on my 6120 Classic. A few minute searching disclosed that I can download the maps in advance (12MB for NZ, 107.4MB for Australia, guess they didn’t think people might just want one state of Australia).

So I grabbed the Maps Downloader v2 application, installed it on my Vista 64 box, followed the splash screen instructions to connect my phone and…..

waiting for device 

Quite an attractive GUI, you understand, with enough subtle animation to make me think it hasn’t actually frozen yet not annoy. Someone spent some time on the appearance, the text is readable and there was an option to skip the warning splash screen in future and it is still waiting for the bloody device that is plainly physically connected and showing up in Nokia PC Suite as connected!

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