My book on LevelDB is out

Cover of Getting Started with LevelDB

My book Getting Started with LevelDB has now been released from Packt Publishing. Despite the generic nature of the title, it’s focused on using LevelDB with iOS and OS/X so about half the code in the book is Objective-C. The sub-title you can vaguely make out above reads “Store and retrieve key-value based data quickly on iOS and OS X using LevelDB”. 

If you’re a C++ programmer on Unix of any kind, I think there’s enough value in the book for it to be worth getting – all the basics of using the C++ interface are discussed and the theory discussions are generic. I’m hoping to do some followup work to make it more useful to the pure C++ crowd especially on Windows.

I’ve created a forum for discussing the book content and associated open source frameworks.

The writing process for a first-time technical book was, as I’d been warned, many times harder than I’d expected.

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Time Machine Ironies

I am in general impressed with Time Machine and happy with its unobtrusive nature and the quality of the backups. I’ve even been (eventually) impressed with how the UI works with Mail, although vast quantities of patience were required for the retrieval.

The irony of your Backup System Causing Your File System to Freeze!

I have experienced a lot of scary hangs over the last few weeks and it seemed that Time Machine being in a preparing backup mode was a likely trigger. This morning, downloading a VMWare Update, I stumbled across the VMWare 1.1.1 notes identifying the likely cause as a workaround for Apple bug 5679432 (Mac OS X hang under heavy disk load when unbuffered I/O is in use). So, not only is the original bug a deep OSX bug, it’s triggered by my regularly scheduled backup via Time Machine!