Minimalism with a nod to Generation-M

I’m a minimalist in design and especially in user-interface design.However, a lot of my market will hopefully include not the Gen-X or Gen-Y but the current Gen-M (M for MyXXX). The denizens of MySpace, FaceBook et al are possibly the first group of conforming non-confirmists who can truly say we are all individuals. So, assuming some of them share my own sensible taste for minimalism, how is an application design supposed to satisfy the rest?

Or, to put it much more aggressively, how can a modern application justify not providing umpteen ways to customise the look and feel and a healthy aftermarket in plugins, templates, art and trivia? The easy answer is the FaceBook answer – provide things as an online application and let the users hack at it with web technologies.How close to that customisability can a modern desktop app go?