Succumbing to Touch

I suppose it was inevitable. Combine a desire to write games with obsession with user interface design with small gadgets with gestural interfaces with needing excuse to refresh my Cocoa skills… my new distraction is a refurbished 16GB iPod Touch.

I don’t want or need an iPhone. Despite its warts, I’m happier with my smaller Symbian with its external keyboard support and really great voice recognition. However, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get my hands on the device. There was just too much great UI experience out there I wasn’t participating in! I’ve also been tempted by rumours of a forthcoming larger touch – a true Apple Tablet and want some key software at least in alpha form before it arrives, to pick up on the wave.

A note on purchasing older machines in Australia – I started out looking for an 8GB 1st gen Touch on eBay, wanting a 1st gen for compatibility and performance testing as well as cheapness. Thanks to a mate on MacGeeks, I was directed to the Apple Store – you can buy a refurb about $20 cheaper than your average eBay offering and it comes with new battery and earbuds.

iPhone Advertising Fakes Performance

A great video comparing the suggested performance in an advert vs the real-world iPhone performance. I’m sure the ad is perfectly legal as the voice-over mentions only twice the performance and whilst the video clip suggests much faster performance, it is a legitimate illustration to show stills or short videos blending into a sequence. The suggestion, of course, is that the elapsed time of the ad is all it will take for the illustrated tasks.

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Why I don’t want an iPhone

This posting is inspired by a recent comment on a local MacGeeks mailing list assuming anyone on that list would be thinking about or already own an iPhone. The iPhone 3G has recently been released in Australia with the expected fanfare, advertising blitz and stock shortages. It was even a topic of iconic reference and conversation at the excellent Readify .Net course I attended last week!

If I had genuinely been hanging out for an iPhone I might be feeling a bit stupid right now about my decision to jump ship to Telstra and get the 6120C but, frankly, I wasn’t. I want a small phone and a better, eyes-off PDA than an iPhone. Continue reading