Andy Blue Arm

Splint to immobilise the arm and aid nerve recovery. I

Splint to immobilise the arm and aid nerve recovery.

I have to wear this damn thing all night and as much as possible during the day, without causing other problems by wearing it 24 hours. Basically, keep the arm bent at a slight angle and give it 4 months rest and maybe, just maybe, the nerve will recover enough that I have some strength back in my left hand. I’m very very glad this didn’t happen to my right and that, so far, I can still type with reasonable accuracy although sideways movement is impeded.

I am having to teach myself to use the control and shift keys more with my right. Which, to my surprise, is something I wasn’t doing. I was taught old-fashioned touch-typing and so my shift key usage is balanced – use the shift key with the opposite hand from the one you’re typing the key with that you want shifted.

It will take a fair while to stop using the left thumb or little finger to chord Apple-C or ctrl-x for clipboard operations 🙁

Flying one wing low

One of life’s nastier little ironies was brought home to me yesterday. My thrill of learning double swords has been considerably dampened by the discovery of a considerable loss of strength in my left hand. It doesn’t affect my typing much but I have an ulnar nerve neuropathy, mapped by a sometimes painful session with a neurologist. Continue reading