GraphViz for UI Flow

I created this diagram (mainly by hand) for a client last year but don’t have permission to post a non-obfuscated version. As I’ve been talking recently on Stack Overflow about using GraphViz for casually tracking logic, I wanted a good sample. It is an accounting application and this shows how different buttons and menu options take you to other screens.

The image below was created by sizing a preview to fit at a non-readable text level and then taking a snapshot. The original PDF is 72KB and allows you to cleanly zoom in to see the flow.

Clicking the image will let you see a larger version but still obfuscated.
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Is DOT too hard for Normal Users?

I’ve been a huge fan of AT&T’s GraphViz graph-generating language for years.  I use it Doxygen with the automatically-generated class and collaboration diagrams as well as many casual diagrams I specify for workflow. I love the way I can quickly enter some text and have a diagram appear with automatic layout as I change the content. The plain text of DOT files also works very well with version-control, allowing me to very easily see what changed on complex diagrams from between releases, instead of eyeballing binary pictures.

In a discussion on the Instaviz (GraphViz for iPhone) users list, a question came up about similar usability for desktop users.

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