RB2Doxy online

I have added a project at Google Code to host RB2Doxy  in case anyone is interested in a solution to help document their REALbasic code. Currently it’s a bit limited in that it requires all your source to be in a single XML file and doesn’t process anything inside methods, just the class and method declarations. It may also appeal as an example of moderately complex XSLT processing. 

Deciding a Documentation Tool

Why and How to Write

I’m trying to decide between the various tools I own in which to write the user guides for my various products. As well as thrashing out design ideas here on the blog I think actually writing stuff down is a good way to end analysis paralysis aka designer dithering.In the course of writing this evaluation (I really do think with my fingers) it became clear that one of the simplest deciding factors between publication tools is their internal and external referencing facility and how well it scales.

The other unsurprising dimension to my evaluations is that I’m deciding between document production and WYSIWYG editing tools. Productivity in writing is often increased by less control over layout, during the actual writing phase 🙂

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