Armless Asbestos Remover and Plumbing Debugging

I’m fat and I’m old and my arms are really, really tired and asbestos is incredibly hard to cut!

The day after my first serious Chow Gar training session in a couple of months (back injury + flu + colliding family issues = lots of weeks of missed training) was not a good day to spend literally hours cutting less than 1m of old asbesto sheeting.

In the bathroom I’m renovating with Ceramilite,  when we were busy banging on the wall whilst fitting the sheet over all the shower and bath taps spouts, a nasty trickle of water emerged from behind the wall. Nasty, because the only explanation for it was a leak somewhere inside the wall over which I was about to install some fairly expensive sheeting. So, a plumber was called, ugly hole bashed in the wall and a T-joint of indeterminate age and very moderate quality replaced. During the visit, he mentioned that the material was asbestos sheeting, which is why he’d just bashed a rough hole rather than neatly cutting with a power saw (breaking edges doesn’t generate dust) and, incidentally, left me with a wonderful non-programming debugging problem.

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Dimensioning a Bathroom with Google Sketchup

In another example of Andy finally gets around to using something he bought a book about, I’m using Google Sketchup v6 to work out some dimensions in a bathroom we’re upgrading. This is partly an exercise in saving money, as the Ceramilite sheets we’re gonna use are expensive. It’s also a training exercise for me before modeling the entire library. This lengthy post discusses the SketchUp features I used for modeling the bathroom, complete with pictures.

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