Flying one wing low

One of life’s nastier little ironies was brought home to me yesterday. My thrill of learning double swords has been considerably dampened by the discovery of a considerable loss of strength in my left hand. It doesn’t affect my typing much but I have an ulnar nerve neuropathy, mapped by a sometimes painful session with a neurologist.It seems to be all my own fault.

As I realised last night and this morning, I have a habit of nodding off on the couch with my head supported on my heavily bent left arm and I woke this morning with my arm bent in a fully-closed position and head on my hand. He also said one of the worst things I could do as exercise if I have a mild problem with the nerve in the elbox is bicep curls with heavy weights. Guess what features significantly in my weights routine I started last year. 🙁

The measurement session was interesting – he experimented manually with testing grasp and resistance strength in many axes and ways. Nerves obviously aren’t binary – I have to think of them as some kind of creaky analog control because obviously some signal gets through but there’s literally no strength in my grasp.

One thought on “Flying one wing low

  1. After a scary (lump in the arm) ultrasound result and MRI to investigate further, I have a nice medical bill and the information that despite the presence of an “atavistic muscle” – an anconeus epitrochlearis which is
    present in 11% of people, according to this excerpt:

    and treatment is partial or total excision of the muscle according to
    this one

    the neurologist said he recommends against surgery, just 4 months of bend the arm as little as possible

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