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At one client, we’ve been using Basecamp which I’ve fairly swiftly decided doesn’t scale to be a proper issue tracker for a software development team. It’s pretty and nice for managing casual tasks and discussions. It doesn’t replace a Wiki either because their Writeboard facility is somewhat bolted-on and lacks search.

So, I’ve been looking around a bit for other hosted solutions, just to compare prices without suggesting things are necessarily of equal perceived value. Ironically, we’re probably only interested in a relatively small fraction of what this various tools can provide. I started working on this posting because I couldn’t find an easy summary table.
The following table shows prices that are generally for the smallest bracket provided, above 1-2 user free offers.

Service Monthly Annual Notes
Mantis on GoDaddy $7 $78 Using Linux Deluxe hosting, no user limit
No Kahuna $9 $108 3 projects, 900MB storage
Unfuddle $9 $108 Micro plan – 10 users, 4 projects, 512MB storage
Code Spaces $10 $120 MicroISV level – 4 users, Unlimited projects, 1GB storage
Lighthouse $10 $120 Personal level – 10 users, 3 projects, 100MB storage
ActiveState Workspace $14 $168 Standard level – Unlimited users, 5 projects, 1.5GB storage
Trac on DejaVu $19 $228 Lite level – 5 users, 10GB storage
Intervals $20 $240 Basic account – unlimited users, 10 projects, 500MB storage
Trac on SourceHosting $25 $300 5 users
Basecamp $49 $588 This is for the Plus version, not the cheapest ($24/month). Plus offers 35 “projects’ but due to the UI you tend to use Projects the way a more complex system would use categries, so you use a lot of them (think project * category in a typical dev shop).
FogBugz $75 $900 calculated for 3 users but billing is $25/user/month on actual unique use
TargetProcess $75 $900 prices $25 per user so scaled for 3 users, full-blown Agile management system
Axosoft $79 $790 5 user
VersionOne $87 $1,044 $29 per user so scaled for 3 users
ZenDesk $95 $1,140 5 user price, targetted at being helpdesk more than plain issue tracker
Rally $105 $1,260 prices $35 per user so scaled for 3 users, also seem to charge $10/month for lots of add-ons
Jira $299 $2,990 25 users

Products which don’t appear to offer hosted services but come up often on recommendations:

3 thoughts on “Hosted Issue Tracker Prices

  1. Hi Andy,

    I’ve been using Code Spaces for about a year now. I highly recommend it. Pricing starts at $10/month, $120/year (3 users, 4 projects). It combines SVN hosting with an Issue Tracker, wiki, forums, documents and more.

    — Paul

  2. Hi Andy,

    Our team used an externally hosted Sharepoint service, and built customised issue (and other) tracking lists with it. It’s good because you have the flexibility of customisation, but it is a *platform* so requires someone with a bit of experience. Also good to be able to set up user accounts and expand it for various usage.

    Have also looked at more “quick and dirty” solutions like combination Google Sites, Google Docs tor replicate list and other tracking, wikis, etc. Would have just gone for lists in Google Sites except for the limited list capability/customisation.


  3. Hey Andy,

    That’s a pretty good list of issue tracker tools. You can also add HappyFox to your list. Its intuitive user interface and powerful automation features have helped us track our issues more efficiently. The monthly pricing plan also makes it an affordable tool.

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