iTunes Connect Update for iOS8 bites

I just got caught with some nasty timing with a massive series of updates for a client. Eighty five of the ninety-six apps for which I was uploading new versions got stuck whilst Apple updated iTunes Connect. These apps all use advertising.

Apart from having to upload them again, there are a couple of quirks and changes in the process which are poorly documented so I thought I’d help others out with a copy of my notes. In particular, there’s a disturbing and wrong email you will get if you upload an app with advertising.

Summary of steps

  1. Update rating
  2. Save
  3. Upload a new binary
  4. Wait for the (stupid and wrong) iTunes email saying it has been received but has mis-matched IDFA setting – took about 4 minutes for my latest test
  5. Add the Build
  6. Save
  7. Choose Submit for Review & fill in questions including IDFA advertising question
  8. Press Submit on the modal form – app status now becomes Waiting for Review

There are three new Ratings questions that need answering before your new version can be submitted. You can do this before or after uploading the build.



New ratings required for iTunes Connect Sep 2014



After entering those changes and pressing Done to close the modal dialog,  you have to press the Save button for the App version screen.

iTunes Connect press the Save button


In parallel with the above, can be uploading applications using Application Loader.


After you upload an application you will probably receive an incorrect email like the following. It’s stupid because you now have to upload your binary BEFORE the screen on which you set this flag (which is actually an improved workflow, they just need to fix the emails).


Dear developer,


We have discovered one or more issues with your recent delivery for “Lingopal English LITE – talking phrasebook”. Your delivery was successful, but you may wish to correct the following issues in your next delivery:


Improper Advertising Identifier [IDFA] Usage – Your app contains the Advertising Identifier [IDFA] API but you have not indicated its usage on the Prepare for Submission page in iTunes Connect.


After you’ve corrected the issues, you can use Xcode or Application Loader to upload a new binary to iTunes Connect.



Once you have received this email, go back into your app version page in iTunes Connect.Click the magic + button that now appears next to Build


iTunes Connect prompting to add a Build


This is where one of the genuine improvements kicks in – you can now upload multiple build candidates for a given version, using different build numbers. They will appear on a modal form and you pick one with a radio button.

iTunes Connect modal dialog to add a build

After clicking Done, the Build panel, in the versions screen, will now show your build, with version and (build number) as well as its upload date. Note the red button you can use to make that non-current so you can go back and pick a different uploaded build for this version. This does not remove the build, it just clears the selection.

iTunes Connect after adding a build

If you’re happy with the selected Build, go up and click Save in the top-right corner. After it saves, the Submit for Review button will be enabled. Pressing that gets you to the form on which you finally set the advertising rules, including the IDFA requirement about which the earlier email complained.

iTunes Connect modal form for  Submit for Review


This has been a painful process and a stressful 12 hours or more wondering what was happening with our builds in transition. It’s very annoying that we apparently have to upload them all again but at least it hasn’t been days waiting for a fix.

Note that as of this morning, Apple have also updated the documentation for iTunes Connect.

Hope this helped someone else, especially to avoid panic over the emails.