SADD – Startup Attention Deficit Disorder

Perth (Western Australia) is getting silly-busy if you’re a technical entrepeneur.

On the startup scene, we have competing for my attention:

  • Founder Institute  with their Startup Founder 101 meetup. (update yes I made it in and was one of 8 graduates in August)
  • Morning Startup – been once, have fortnightly and usually interesting Wed am sessions that rate highly on my would love to go if have time list.
  • Silicon Beach Perth – been a few times, weekly Friday evening sundowners, great chance to mix on an evening highly unpopular with my wife.
  • eGroup WA represents the digital economy in the West, bringing together entrepreneurs, creators, investors, technologists… and people I respect are members so I just joined (update, and have found it worth it)
  • Perth Starters Owner’s Working Group for startup owners pursuing the Running Lean approach. Again at least one person I respect is a member so feel I should pay attention but doubt I’ll find time to be active.
  • Perth Appreneurs Meetup – runs as a Master Mind session, discussing challenges and successes

Then there’s the technical groups with direct relevance:

  • The Software Engineering Forum run by Engineers Australia, an industry-academia discussion group of which I’ve been a member for years.
  • Perth iOS Developers always try to get along, nice bunch of folks and we have some great technical discussions.
  • Agile Perth – run by Thoughtworks, often with high-quality imported speakers.
  • Perth Agile Meetup – yes a competing Agile group, run by everybody else.
  • Lean Perth – not quite competing with Agile but certainly competing for the same attention and I’ve not managed to attend
  • Port80 Perth – the Web Industry, some fascinating talks and a chance to mix with a slightly different bunch.
  • UX Perth – meets to discuss User Experience design, war stories and theory equally traded usually with a killer reading list. Seriously, you could get an education just following their mailing list!
  • Perth Web Accessibility & Inclusive Design – a topic dear to my heart ever since I met some developers with significant sight-impairment but haven’t made it along to this meetup.
  • Big Data Perth – awesome occasional presentations if you’re interested in Hadoop, big data analytics like transportation or maintenance in mining.
  • Perth Data Science – more on the visualisation side and dashboard design. Haven’t attended yet.

We’re the most isolated mainland capital city in the world with a population around two million, many of whom seem keen to start a new Meetup. I don’t know how our Meetups/Technical Head ratio compares with others.