iTunes 11 nasty lesson about checking TimeMachine exclusions

I had an unpleasant little reminder this afternoon that I should review my TimeMachine exclusions more often.

A long time ago, when I had a smaller backup disk, I’d excluded ~/Music from backup, thinking of it as a cache folder. I was puzzled when I went to play some podcasts on my iPhone, whilst doing some kitchen renovation, that my choices were very limited. I was even more puzzled and dismayed to find the same limited choices on my Mac! Hundreds of tracks are missing.

A bit of digging found the discussion thread on how iTunes 11.1 update wiped podcasts. It took me a half hour of frustrating failed feedback in Time Machine to get the sinking feeling that I should go check my exclusions list. Yup – no hope of getting back Scotty et al.

The most annoying thing, apart from being a former sysadmin who used to have multi-generational backups and felt a scream over the decades from my VMS-self, was that many of the podcasts are no longer available.

I have long considered iTunes the polished turd left by some vandal in Apples’s crown of mostly sparkling software. It reached new depths, sinking below the realm of any sewerage metaphors, with this data wipe.

The utterly mystifying thing is that some of the folders have been replaced with aliases such asĀ /Volumes/MaxTM/Podcasts/Mac Software Business but I’m fairly sure I have never had a drive called MaxTM!

Oh, and Time Machine team – how about a simple bloody alert saying there are no backups because the current folder is in your exclusion list? Stop taking lessons from the iTunes guys.

I wonder if anyone lists being on the iTunes team on their resume. Or should that be, does anyone left after the lynch mobs still list iTunes on their resume?