REAL World 2008 Day 0

I got into Austin Monday night after a very tiring few days in Columbia (Missouri) and Lake Dallas, including my first driving experience in the USA. Interestingly, driving was vastly easier than I had expected – I worked out it was probably aided by riding a motorcycle at home. My position on a freeway on the bike is about where a left-sitting driver sits in a car on a US road. 

 Hotel Impressions

Very impressive lobby, room smells a bit musty but a day of my laundry drying in the bathroom leaves me no excuse to blame the incoming smell, wifi works reasonably well but very slow on uploads, like the room coffee, average health club and cool pool (drastically bad weather means I’ll possibly not be swimming on the rooftop). 

 Quick Trip to the Apple Store

The Apple Store in Austin is out at the Barton Creek shopping mall but it is a very easy ride from town. Catch the Number 30 bus from 11th St in front of the Capitol building, same side as the Capitol and $1 gets you a pass good 24 hours to ride about 35 mins out to the mall. It’s a typical big suburban mall with the added attraction of watching the security guards zoom around on Segways (OK, well it’s still new enough to me to be interesting).