SADD – Startup Attention Deficit Disorder

Perth (Western Australia) is getting silly-busy if you’re a technical entrepeneur.

On the startup scene, we have competing for my attention:

  • Founder Institute  with their Startup Founder 101 meetup. (update yes I made it in and was one of 8 graduates in August)
  • Morning Startup – been once, have fortnightly and usually interesting Wed am sessions that rate highly on my would love to go if have time list.
  • Silicon Beach Perth – been a few times, weekly Friday evening sundowners, great chance to mix on an evening highly unpopular with my wife.
  • eGroup WA represents the digital economy in the West, bringing together entrepreneurs, creators, investors, technologists… and people I respect are members so I just joined (update, and have found it worth it) Continue reading

iTunes 11 nasty lesson about checking TimeMachine exclusions

I had an unpleasant little reminder this afternoon that I should review my TimeMachine exclusions more often.

A long time ago, when I had a smaller backup disk, I’d excluded ~/Music from backup, thinking of it as a cache folder. I was puzzled when I went to play some podcasts on my iPhone, whilst doing some kitchen renovation, that my choices were very limited. I was even more puzzled and dismayed to find the same limited choices on my Mac! Hundreds of tracks are missing.

A bit of digging found the discussion thread on how iTunes 11.1 update wiped podcasts. It took me a half hour of frustrating failed feedback in Time Machine to get the sinking feeling that I should go check my exclusions list. Yup – no hope of getting back Scotty et al.

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