Employment and Life Changes

As I alluded to about three years ago, I went quiet on this blog when I was employed at Gemcom. I’m now actively looking for a new job and free to be more public.

I was laid-off as part of a ¬†worldwide reduction in the Gemcom (renamed Dassault Systemes GEOVIA) workforce, unable to comment on the percentage size. I’ll miss working on the Surpac team.

As we had our wonderful New Zealand holiday scheduled in October, looking for work in the interim was chancy so I spent my time writing my book, Getting Started with LevelDB as I just mentioned in the previous post.

In the interim, I’m working on a range of iOS apps. I’m scratching a few itches in the process and rounding out my resume but expect to be going back into technical c++ programming. If the job search process drags on for a few months I may have enough convincing stuff on the app store to get a job in iOS programming. The book impresses people but doesn’t count enough to get me hired without the magic litmus test of real apps on the store. Continue reading

My book on LevelDB is out

Cover of Getting Started with LevelDB

My book Getting Started with LevelDB has now been released from Packt Publishing. Despite the generic nature of the title, it’s focused on using LevelDB with iOS and OS/X so about half the code in the book is Objective-C. The sub-title you can vaguely make out above reads “Store and retrieve key-value based data quickly on iOS and OS X using LevelDB”.¬†

If you’re a C++ programmer on Unix of any kind, I think there’s enough value in the book for it to be worth getting – all the basics of using the C++ interface are discussed and the theory discussions are generic. I’m hoping to do some followup work to make it more useful to the pure C++ crowd especially on Windows.

I’ve created a forum for discussing the book content and associated open source frameworks.

The writing process for a first-time technical book was, as I’d been warned, many times harder than I’d expected.

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