CRUD and REST idioms

Just reading a very interesting article on REST and CRUD idioms

I chipped in with a couple of points. I skimmed the article initially and it made me think a lot more about the web services we’re working with and the implications of PUT as an update – do we want to have an empty element as the way to specify that a PUT clears part of the content?

I found another good discussion whilst trying to clarify my own thinking and see if there is a consensus on how to do partial updates.

Git Started

I’ve recently started using git for a project with a local client who has Perforce in their office. The move to git was driven by a desire to have version control whilst away from my office’s file-system-based svn repository and by a minor disaster with the svn directories clashing with Perforce.

I am more impressed with git than I expected to be.
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Dad is Dead

My father, Pip Dent, died of cancer last Wednesday. The funeral will be down at Harvey this Thursday 6th August with refreshments being served afterwards at the Rotary meeting rooms (actually the local Masonic lodge).

I haven’t blogged about it so far because I didn’t know what to say. I spent a very sad day yesterday with my brother Alastair, who has flown over from the UK, talking to the minister and picking out photos for the service. Mum’s chemo for her leukemia has resulted in her being hospitalised for a few days although she’s responding well and will at least be at the funeral.