Hosted Issue Tracker Prices

At one client, we’ve been using Basecamp which I’ve fairly swiftly decided doesn’t scale to be a proper issue tracker for a software development team. It’s pretty and nice for managing casual tasks and discussions. It doesn’t replace a Wiki either because their Writeboard facility is somewhat bolted-on and lacks search.

So, I’ve been looking around a bit for other hosted solutions, just to compare prices without suggesting things are necessarily of equal perceived value. Ironically, we’re probably only interested in a relatively small fraction of what this various tools can provide. I started working on this posting because I couldn’t find an easy summary table. Continue reading

WPF – Commands vs Events

This post mainly exists to publish pictures and a sample source download link for the question on Stack Overflow about which pattern to adopt. Petzold, in Applications = Code + Markup, is flexible when choosing how to implement menus – he uses commands when they are from the standard command set, such as Application.Cut. For application-specific work he uses the Click event of the MenuItem.

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Coding Deja Vu – C++/CLI Pointers

Working in C++/CLI for some interoperability code on old C++ I’m porting, I suddenly realised why I’m not having any trouble mentally translating foo^ as Pointer to Foo. Duhh – I spent years working in Object Pascal where the ^ character was the pointer suffix!

Seeking Virtue Through Test Quantity

fromĀ  an interesting thread on Stack Overflow about Unit Testing failures, I loved this anecdote:

As a note of caution re: unit tests, when a customer is literally yelling at you because an application is not done, it is inadvisable for a junior developer to blurt out “but we’ve written 5 times as much test code as actual code”. Whether you use unit tests or not, you have to admit that it can be a tough sell to the customer

and this gorgeous phrase from rich:

I guess it’s a matter of helping management and the customers to see the green bars at the end of the tunnel.