Podcasts ain’t Music – UI Idiocies of the Nokia 6120 Classic

Amongst the ongoing discovery process of what minor features are missing on the 6120Classic is the quirky UI of the the media player particularly for playing podcasts. A blog discussing the built-in media player suggests that whilst other S60 phones have been updated to add Pause, this feature is not available on the 6120C. That’s not actually true but there are many other problems with the player.

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6120 Classic – my first Symbian Phone

Due to being supremely p*d-off by my phone provider (failure to turn on roaming whilst travelling, despite multiple contacts, finally admitted as a problem when I pointed out it wasn’t local but had failed to work in two countries) I was ripe for plucking by the next Telstra salesperson to cold-call.

So, along with reducing the phone contract to a lesser contract (few calls made), I opted to switch to Telstra from my previous Vodafone-downstream provider. Part of the attraction was the need to replace an aging, battered Sony-Ericsson K750i which I loved feature-wise but it was becoming increasingly inclined to turn itself off with the slightest jolt.

The contract I was offered included a Nokia 6120 Classic which is the smallest 3G Symbian phone available – something of instant appeal as I looked forward to having 3G data capabilities at least via my phone. It’s also a quad-band phone, again something of appeal whilst traveling.

A brief skim of reviews whilst talking to the salesperson seemed to confirm the phone as of reasonable quality, battery-life being the only complaint. One major difference appealed – a D-pad rather than the more flimsy joystick of the K750i and I knew from being a previous Nokia user that more use is made of buttons than the joystick-obsessed UI of the K750i. That should translate into avoiding the joystick-related problems the K750i developed within 3 years.

Another minor goody was that I can get officially-supported Python on my phone (geek cheering)!

According to the tech specs, the phone runs S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 based on Symbian OS v9.

Software Portals

Just a side-note, comparing prices on MP3 players, there appears to be a hefty markup – prices in Euros on  Nokia Software Market being a lot higher than the US$ prices on All About Symbian.