Just doing GTD

Since taking on an authoring contract, I’ve put work on ALM on hold. However, the mix of projects and responsibilities I have and my confessed inability to prioritise means I must implement something like GTD. If I resume work on ALM, it will be informed by months of practising GTD using other tools.

I tried using GTD for Lotus Notes, a template-based solution you install into Notes. It was clunky and I got bogged down within a couple of days, especially when I tried to just record random thoughts and stuff and sort later. It may work for some people but not me.

So, for now, I’ve returned to using Thinking Rock. I’m starting with the v2 interface which adds a lot of flexibility and I’ll go on record saying that one of the main reasons for the decision is simply that there’s a Windows and Mac desktop UI and sometimes I’ll be working with just me Windows laptop. That rules out a lot of the pretty Mac-specific GTD tools. I was also encouraged by the positive comments on a thread on the main GTD forum at davidco and Benjamin Ellis praising the v2 interface, over a year ago!

Intro to A Little Management

ALM is a “Getting Things Done” application which is cross-platform, highly-extensible and allows you to change philosophies. If you fall out of love with the strict GTD approach there are other ways to manage things.

The core idea for ALM came from my frustration in trying to use the Thinking Rock product to apply the GTD philosophy but having to fill in separate timesheet apps, project management apps and issue trackers. Enough manual synchronisation – I want a way for smart people to be able to hook my tools together!

The main ALM development is in REALbasic to yield a cross-platform GUI, including Linux, and make it easily extensible. The entire ALM source and supporting business application frameworks will also be licensable.