Stirring the RB Pot

As part of a leadup to having some good discussions in REALWorld, March, I’ve put a page on the RBWiki to get some discussion going around what makes RB either infuriate or put-off professional users. The aim is to get a consistent picture together for the management at RS to focus on over the next few releases.

Intro to A Little Management

ALM is a “Getting Things Done” application which is cross-platform, highly-extensible and allows you to change philosophies. If you fall out of love with the strict GTD approach there are other ways to manage things.

The core idea for ALM came from my frustration in trying to use the Thinking Rock product to apply the GTD philosophy but having to fill in separate timesheet apps, project management apps and issue trackers. Enough manual synchronisation – I want a way for smart people to be able to hook my tools together!

The main ALM development is in REALbasic to yield a cross-platform GUI, including Linux, and make it easily extensible. The entire ALM source and supporting business application frameworks will also be licensable.

Intro to AppMakerX

Full rights to AppMaker were acquired some years ago from Spec Bowers but due to failure of Apple to document some things and the source code being in an older version of CodeWarrior, it didn’t really make it to OS/X.

The new version separates out the code generation side in the Python language, replacing the proprietary OO language which Spec had created and working on an intermediate format closely related to XAML. The initial cross-platform GUI editor is being written in REALbasic and will invoke the Python-based code generator.

A Windows-specific .Net editor is also being developed. Source code for both will be available for licensing.