SADD – Startup Attention Deficit Disorder

Perth (Western Australia) is getting silly-busy if you’re a technical entrepeneur.

On the startup scene, we have competing for my attention:

  • Founder Institute  with their Startup Founder 101 meetup. (update yes I made it in and was one of 8 graduates in August)
  • Morning Startup – been once, have fortnightly and usually interesting Wed am sessions that rate highly on my would love to go if have time list.
  • Silicon Beach Perth – been a few times, weekly Friday evening sundowners, great chance to mix on an evening highly unpopular with my wife.
  • eGroup WA represents the digital economy in the West, bringing together entrepreneurs, creators, investors, technologists… and people I respect are members so I just joined (update, and have found it worth it) Continue reading

iTunes 11 nasty lesson about checking TimeMachine exclusions

I had an unpleasant little reminder this afternoon that I should review my TimeMachine exclusions more often.

A long time ago, when I had a smaller backup disk, I’d excluded ~/Music from backup, thinking of it as a cache folder. I was puzzled when I went to play some podcasts on my iPhone, whilst doing some kitchen renovation, that my choices were very limited. I was even more puzzled and dismayed to find the same limited choices on my Mac! Hundreds of tracks are missing.

A bit of digging found the discussion thread on how iTunes 11.1 update wiped podcasts. It took me a half hour of frustrating failed feedback in Time Machine to get the sinking feeling that I should go check my exclusions list. Yup – no hope of getting back Scotty et al.

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Employment and Life Changes

As I alluded to about three years ago, I went quiet on this blog when I was employed at Gemcom. I’m now actively looking for a new job and free to be more public.

I was laid-off as part of a  worldwide reduction in the Gemcom (renamed Dassault Systemes GEOVIA) workforce, unable to comment on the percentage size. I’ll miss working on the Surpac team.

As we had our wonderful New Zealand holiday scheduled in October, looking for work in the interim was chancy so I spent my time writing my book, Getting Started with LevelDB as I just mentioned in the previous post.

In the interim, I’m working on a range of iOS apps. I’m scratching a few itches in the process and rounding out my resume but expect to be going back into technical c++ programming. If the job search process drags on for a few months I may have enough convincing stuff on the app store to get a job in iOS programming. The book impresses people but doesn’t count enough to get me hired without the magic litmus test of real apps on the store. Continue reading

Going Quiet and Employed

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently due to being busy doing things I can’t talk about. My port of Mac software to WPF can’t be discussed until the company concerned announces their Windows version. It has been an interesting exercise in legacy code and some of the fringe cases you encounter when writing an emulator for Quickdraw!

I’ve also effectively retired from consulting, taking up a full-time job at Gemcom Software. I’m very limited about what I can talk about there, thankfully there’s an internal blog on which I can vent my need to think out loud. Based on the public job postings, I can say I’m working with WPF, C#, C++ and back in Python land (so much for all the time spent learning Ruby!).

My involvement in the REALbasic community is going to shrink considerably as I’m focussed on other languages and frameworks. I’ll still put some odd time into projects like rbKarel (although it’s mature and works) and further porting of OOFILE to RBRW but that’s about it. It will be interesting to see how hard it is to delve back into RB if I’m living in Visual Studio and C++ and C#.

Dad is Dead

My father, Pip Dent, died of cancer last Wednesday. The funeral will be down at Harvey this Thursday 6th August with refreshments being served afterwards at the Rotary meeting rooms (actually the local Masonic lodge).

I haven’t blogged about it so far because I didn’t know what to say. I spent a very sad day yesterday with my brother Alastair, who has flown over from the UK, talking to the minister and picking out photos for the service. Mum’s chemo for her leukemia has resulted in her being hospitalised for a few days although she’s responding well and will at least be at the funeral.

First day at WWDC09

If anyone is looking for me, I’m in the Hotel Palomar room 727.

I wimped out on queuing early and didn’t get down there until about 8.35. The queue was well around the block and stalled for a long time but we did get in the door about 10.05 and seated in an overflow room.
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A Very Orange Wing

I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures of GR8 FUN which is an entire Goldwing done in Safety Orange!

The engine is literally twice as wide as my admittedly skinny MZ Skorpion, seen parked next to it with helmet and jacket draped over the fuel tank.

A very orange Goldwing seen May 2009

A very orange Goldwing seen May 2009

A very orange Goldwing seen May 2009

A very orange Goldwing seen May 2009

Andy Blue Arm

Splint to immobilise the arm and aid nerve recovery. I

Splint to immobilise the arm and aid nerve recovery.

I have to wear this damn thing all night and as much as possible during the day, without causing other problems by wearing it 24 hours. Basically, keep the arm bent at a slight angle and give it 4 months rest and maybe, just maybe, the nerve will recover enough that I have some strength back in my left hand. I’m very very glad this didn’t happen to my right and that, so far, I can still type with reasonable accuracy although sideways movement is impeded.

I am having to teach myself to use the control and shift keys more with my right. Which, to my surprise, is something I wasn’t doing. I was taught old-fashioned touch-typing and so my shift key usage is balanced – use the shift key with the opposite hand from the one you’re typing the key with that you want shifted.

It will take a fair while to stop using the left thumb or little finger to chord Apple-C or ctrl-x for clipboard operations 🙁